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Here's How To Contact Us

Contact Info
Email: support [at] privatemoneyblueprint [dot] com
Phone: 877.224.0445 (we have a small office so leave a message if we don't pick up)
Private Money Blueprint LLC
P.O. Box 1033
Alpharetta, GA 30009


Meet The Team

Head Of Real Estate Investor Faculty – Patrick Riddle (aka P-Rid)

Patrick has been investing in real estate ever since he got the bug in college at Clemson University… and to his parents dismay… dropped out of college to dive full-time into real estate at the age of 22 with a couple partners/friends from school. The first few deals were rough… mainly using their own cash, credit, and hard money loans… but soon found out that was a rough and unsustainable way to build a real estate company. After “on the job” learning through the school of hard knocks at first… Patrick found the key that helped his company (Palmetto Property Solutions based out of Charleston, South Carolina) get deals done more quickly, with higher profit, less risk, without having to go to banks or use their own cash…

… that key for Patrick has been private money (using other peoples funds to close on their deals).

Fast forward to today, his company has closed over 130 real estate transactions… has put over $6 million in private money into their transactions.

Co-Founder and Resident Entrepreneur and Lover of Marketing – Trevor Mauch

Trevor got the real estate itch while he was in college too… but 3,000 miles away from Patrick. Trevor grew up in Oregon and after months and months of procrastination… bought a 4 unit apartment building next to the local college and learned the ropes of owning rental properties, cash flow management, marketing, deal analyzing, while still going to school full time.



Our Chief Member Experience Gal – Charity Akers

Charity is the gal who holds everything together for us. From being in charge of Member (aka customer) Experience here… to helping with admin tasks behind the scenes… she’s a huge part of our team. She is the one you’ll be talking with most of the time when you contact us… so say hi to her next time you chat w/ her



Guy Who Crunches The Numbers (and knows his stuff) – Tim Krulia

Tim is our CFO and resident MBA (lot’s of acronyms eh?). Tim used to work for Patrick’s real estate company and managed over 50 property renovations. Now, Tim started his own company and is our numbers guy and makes sure we’re on the straight and narrow. He’s also a big Steelers fan.



Members Making Things Happen


  • 72 Minute P.M.O.D. Step-By-Step Private Money Through Public Records Video Training (Plus 3 Demo Videos)
  • SEC Attorney Detailed 75-Minute Interview And Video Training: Specific Steps You Must Take This Week To Stay SEC Compliant
  • Private Money Loan Tracker Calculator Tracks And Manages Your Loans For You
  • Specific Speaking Scripts And Customizable Private Lender Powerpoint Presentation
  • Customizable Private Money Loan Disclosure Documents (Important Cover Your ASSets Docs!)
  • And Much, MUCH, More

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